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Forgotten Love

Forgotten Love

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And there she was again

Innumerable times I had stolen gazes from her

But alas! There was no escape today

Tired she was, longing for an answer

And within no time a thousand memories flicked

Those exuberant days, those depressing nights clicked

For the love of another, I pushed her out of care

My mind became numb and my heart drowned in the depths of despair

I wanted to apologise; I tried to explain

A busy man, enslaved to time, I thought you were disdain

My heart won't resist so I surrender tonight

I cried through the night as I hugged her tight

I was turning into a robot I surmised

Hadn't you fallen off the shelf today "diary"

The writer in me would have died

So I switch off my mobile, my laptop and pick up my pen

When the ink flowed weaving magic on your pages

I felt like I was born again.

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