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aditi shenoy

Drama Inspirational



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The tired little girl, went to bed,

Recollecting the days bygone,

Seeing in her dreams,

The day she was born.

Trying to see the world,

Her little eyes,

But the sun with his brightness,

Won't let her catch sights.

The girl still eager,

To see around the world,

Would open her eyes,

But her vision got blurred.

But still, she had hope,

Flowing through her blood,

Which encouraged her,

To see the world further.

Her heart beating fast,

Her enthusiasm increasing,

She slowly tried to see,

But her eyes were continuously blinking.

She started losing hope,

She was ready to give up,

But her curiosity is what,

Pushed her forward.

Again her hope rising,

With power in her eyesight,

Oh! There she sees the world,

With widely opened eyes.

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