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Soumika Dutta



Soumika Dutta


Everyday Alike

Everyday Alike

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The mother, the sister, the love of life

Shrinks to an abusive shame

She thinks of breaking the shackles alright

But a ruthless needy world pushes her aside.

She takes long strides with a mean face on

Masking the gloom, nodding at the well deserved throne

In the curtains of femme she lies to herself

Cursing n consoling , melting her mascara alone.

Has she succumbed to the wounds she endured?

Or is it true that she is no lady no more?

She has left that path long ago

Verbal abuse and the unending oppressive minstrelsy.

Or is she caught in the same shaming social policy?

The nightmares return yet again

Challenging her ability and dream

The web of lusty scams, empty vows and pledges innumerable

Seem to lurk at every corner of her world.

Smiles turn to frowns and embrace to strangles

Tiring is her life , heavy , challenging

She strives valiantly but it's unending.

After a full day's fight, she yields to the needed rest

With awareness of the next day's test. 

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