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Suchismita Behera



Suchismita Behera


Oh! Dear Nature

Oh! Dear Nature

1 min 610 1 min 610

Divine creates, Nature nurtures

Till we grow up to be independent

On the advancement of achievements

Forgot that we are interdependent

Our actions became gradually torturous

But she was never before furious

When that incredible heart started breaking down

Spread everywhere frightened peace and mourn

Devastating storm, thrilled earthquakes

Drowning flood and thirsty lands

Result of multiple silent wars

Between fearless nature and shameless humans

We crossed limits, you became unlimited

But without your blessings, we are still limited

In a few minutes of appearance, many more getting vanished

Either you are invited or we are being punished

It has become quiet and frozen

Miles and miles with uprooted trees

Besides the anger, now silently crying

Yesterday it was flying, today it's lying

Oh dear nature! we bow down near you

Forgive the stubborn souls of argue

In mankind, no kindness is alive

Please come back soon with smooth, charm life

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