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AnonymouS PoeT



AnonymouS PoeT




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As the moon shines the light,

Oh, my love don't wanna hide,

Feel for you from deep inside,

The hate I wanna keep aside,

Wanna dive into your deep eyes,

Feel your heart as it takes me to skies,

The smile you pursue,

Like the rainbows hue,

Keeps my heart going so fast,

As your flash my mind cast,

Let us feel the cool breeze across,

As it whispers and hands cross,

The wind that carries your savor,

Makes my heart, mind takeover,

The heart chants your name,

With your smile and eyes fame,

Let's walk the far distance,

Wanna hold on all your instance,

Let's sit in the shore as the breeze blows,

Let your heart come to me up so close,

Let us dwell in the dark sky,

Imagine us to the stars we fly,

The smile I die upon,

Flashes come by as my eyes close soon,

The beauty you hold,

Gives me chills and cold,

The god's rare creation,

You are my heart I wanna mention,

This is the essence, essence of love,

The purest of emotions all above.

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