Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win



3 mins

Sometimes I get all tired up and life seems so pressed,

Life seems full of gloom, and I start feeling depressed!

World's so fast paced, for weaklings not at all fair,

We keep on running desperately in a society full of despair!

The daily hassles, worthless chores and the rat race,

Monotony makes me feel so bored and out of place!

I want to run way, to cry, to shout, or silently weep,

Or bang shut the doors and have a long peaceful sleep!

But I'm always awake with these thoughts cluttered inside,

Keep crawling like serpents in my head, they don't abide!

They keep biting actively with their poisonous fangs,

Pain is a twinge, or a spasm or a series of pangs!

But now i feel all alone, like falling down deeper,

Something starts tightening around me like a creeper!

Its dark, i shout for help as nobody seems near,

I keep on calling still there is no one who can hear!

Hello! I hear a voice calm, composed but faint,

Although far away but audible to some extent!

It tells me to climb the ladder which is kept nearby,

I missed to see it although it was so closeby!

To climb out of that muddled cavernous maze like bin,

I'm told to traverse the route which actually lies within!

The message has hidden meaning although being crystal clear,

Tells me to do the numerous tasks which I always fear!

Searching for inner peace has seldom been taught,

Its external beauty that's always been run after or sought!

Be satisfied, as there is real happiness in content,

In your compassionate, truthful and pure intent!

Never the external factors either bad or good,

Should have any effect on your persona or mood!

To try to learn new things, to donate and to give,

To travel new places, to forget the past & forgive!

This may help to get rid of your sorrows and boredom,

And show you the way to achieve a state of ultimate freedom!

The voice tells me path of Nirvana i.e. how one liberates,

Oneself from pleasures out of impermanent objects!

Though this state is difficult to achieve and follow,

But wisdom says a person will reap what he'll sow!

Foremost task is for us to kill that Python of desire,

Don't expect! Burn its head on the pyre of acquire!

Now I feel that i know how to reach my destination,

Will reach sooner if I shed off my procrastination!

Inspite of the consequences keep going, never give in,

Not to go overboard emotionally even if you fail or win!

Thus from now on, any form of fear or weakness,

I won't let it come in the path of my happiness!

To find a correct balance in everything in life, I believe,

Is surely the perfect way to be happy and to live!

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