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Amita Khanna



Amita Khanna


Earth Wise

Earth Wise

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"I am environment-friendly"

A catchy line said by all

And said, with full pride

First always to join any run

Portraying the good side. 

We should do this 

And shouldn't do that 

Is not best when just said 

What we do 

When nobody's looking

Is what really matters instead.

Do we practice every day 

The things that we are preaching 

Be it school or be it home 

It is what we are teaching.

Don't cut trees

Don't burn the woods 

Save the world we proclaim 

Don't use plastic

Don't pollute 

No action, only tall claims.

The crisis that has befallen 

The human tribe today 

Is a self-created tragedy 

In the quest of power play.

Punching holes in your umbrella 

May let the air pass-through 

But do you think you will survive 

The heavy downpour that's due.

Techniques have been many 

Solutions have been few 

But in the run for the money

We've paid a heavy price too.

This world is a place on rent

Not owned by me or you 

How can you mess with something 

That doesn't belong to you.

So wake up before it's too late 

And there's no turning back

Use this earth wisely 

Let's work to revert back.

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