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Sushil Sharma



Sushil Sharma


Earth's Identity

Earth's Identity

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Infinite stream of time

Books of geography,

In a pile of prehistoric books

Thousands of pages flapping

Multiplication of millions of years,

Hymn, countless zeros

Concept of development

Exploitation of resources

Destroying water sources.

From primary school textbooks

From the Planning Commission of the country

From the lectures to the movement

Scream of suggestions measures.

The case is not to save the environment,

Have to hide your crimes.

Society has given rain

Measured inches or centimeters.

I wish he had measured it in drops.

Water falls less? No, yes.

Water falls into crores of drops.

Then these drops are not even minor.

These 'silver drops' are our lives.

Our life flows

And we are happy to see it flowing.


We have to develop

Such a grand tradition of saving water

Those who are unbound, should be free.

New and ancient is not in water crisis

If nature does not change the way water spills

So how can collection methods change?

The way to stop water is not fashion,

Which should be changed every two years.

In pools, ponds, rivers, ponds, etc.

Ground water rises by collecting water.

Water, soil, air, forest,

Dams, mountains and cities all along

Some problem has emerged.

Modern development has left no such place,

Where there is no crisis

A balanced system,

In which by giving some features by obstructing,

Given the inconveniences,

He has no accounts.

We have to restore the identity of the earth

May our earth and its surroundings be healthy.

Be safe

Us, good health, continuity of livelihood

And get countless fun opportunities

Lets all try together so that

To save mankind from extinction.

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