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Harsha Godbole



Harsha Godbole




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What does a drunkard think,

While going home with his salary.

They have worked a lot this time,

Their hard work they are going to enjoy.

This money they will spend,

On an expensive bottle of rum.

Sit alone in a bar,

Or go along with friends in a car.

Some pegs he will order,

A few from them he will gather.

Rum, whiskey, soda anything will do,

As long as they enjoy with their crew.

Be any condition of the house,

School fees or a sick spouse.

They are not born for all this duty,

As drinking is their first priority.

Peg after peg they lose control,

They shout loud and like a wolf they growl.

What is going around they are least bothered,

Only bottles are the things which they care.

Promises they make everyday,

They will not drink from today.

As the evening approaches,

They run again for their doses.

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