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Bhumii Arora

Drama Romance


Bhumii Arora

Drama Romance

Devilish Love

Devilish Love

1 min 8 1 min 8

I have seen different shades of you,

From good to bad and old to new.

Every morning you came to me

Kissed me like we were meant to be

All my doubts of solitude were gone 

And I believed we could stay together for long

There was nothing I wanted to ask 

Except the fact- Did you really miss me with all your heart?

The sun was gleaming brightly 

I was stunned when you hugged me tightly

Fighting never seemed to be right

I laid down and melted in your arms

Dreaming that no world could ever make me harm

While breaking the aisle of my thoughts,

And remembering the happiness you brought

I only wanted to ask the fact,

Was it all real or one of your trap?

Nightmares were haunting me all night

You turned the back but I glanced at you with my puppy eyes

There was a strange figure that I never liked

Perhaps, your soul was dead but the devil was alive

You hurt my scars and let me scream

Was it a dream or were you really mean?

There was nothing I wanted to ask

Except, How could you be such an evil and fell out of love so fast?

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