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Dhara Patadia



Dhara Patadia


Dear Teacher!

Dear Teacher!

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Teachers made the stage go fired,

Everyone with joyous heart admired.

Children were fascinated,

None exaggerated.

Teachers in the premises,

With lots of splendid surprises.

A child's face turned awesome

As if they witnessed a holy blossom

Ma'am's melodious voice

As we heard we rejoice

The thoughts in our mind were wavy

Ride the children's mind crazy.

I saw the childishness

On the face of my colleagues

We began foolishness

As one starts to believes

Daily English tests, puzzle games

Were the splendid James.

Made the children's day amazing

We all are so thankful to you, ma'am/sir.

With you and all the youngsters,

Emerging together,

Around Professor.

Those blushes like rose,

And smiles of the pose.

We were surprised

Happiness in which comprised

Tones of monotone were miles away,

We all behaved as if we were child's play,

Out of the blues, the ‘Creative Minds’ felt alive,

Everyone was happy and we all were like bees in a hive.

This is how it is

A unique way to celebrate every session.

Thank you once again dear teachers,

For making our day turn to extraordinary art.

Proud to have a mentor like teachers.

Proud to be students!

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