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Manasi Mithari

Drama Romance


Manasi Mithari

Drama Romance

Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband

3 mins 16 3 mins 16

Am still a stupid kid at heart,

I do go wrong sometimes 

Actually many a times

If I go wrong, did mistakes 

For which may be 

You will have to pay heavily 

Some or other time. 

But then, 

After all those lessons,

Will you still love me 

Like my dad always do. 

Will you?

Like my mom,

Will you hug me tight at nights 

When I am scared for no reason 

And assure me that come what may 

You will be always with me?

Can I share all my 

Things and thoughts with you  

Like I used to share them with my bestie?

Like that idiot,

Will you tolerate all my nonsense and

Make me aware of my best side 

At my worst?

Will you ever stop fighting with me 

Just because.....

You saw a drop of tear 

Rolling down my eyes, 

Like my brother does.

I promise I will comfort your siblings 

In such a way that 

They will start sharing 

Their date scenes with me,

I promise I will be daughter of your family

And not daughter in law


Will you be the son of mine?

Marriage sounds like 

Learning a whole new recipe

Which scares a shit out of me

Whatever the ingredients may be,

It's always tasteless without salt. 

Will you be that pinch of salt 

In this new recipe for life? 

Will you?

From the diary of bride to be!

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