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Dear Dad

Dear Dad

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To him,

Who was not only a

Father but a fighter 

Who would not only

Get bonbons for the kids,

But pet them in the

Most adorable way!

Who would sacrifice 

His own solace

For those, 

Dear to him 

Who would get

So gleeful in,

Seeing others smiling.

Never protesting even once,

Enduring all the

Agony and worry,

With a brave shoulder.

Tendering for others 

Comfort, neglecting

His own opulence.

He is the warrior

Who would not let,

Even an ounce of

His exceeding pain

Be witnessed by others.

Twinkle was his,

Favorite apparel 

Which would always

Surround his beautiful


He served his duties

In the most applaudable way,

And has now left us,

Not to moan about his


But for cherishing the 

Strength he instilled

In us,

To bloom widely in life

And make him proud,

So when we find him 

Shining bright in the sky,

He would smile 

And bestow his blessings

Upon us.

For my very own BADEPAPA whom I'm proud to be the daughter of!

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