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Akila Sridhar



Akila Sridhar


Day 2- Immortal Bond

Day 2- Immortal Bond

1 min 215 1 min 215

Every move of yours

Magnified to me, 

I’ll always be yours

Mother, lover, friend, and child.

Sun wouldn’t rise.

Fate so soar,

On a day,

I cease to be something more. 

They were in my vows

Something like tablets 

I take every day.

I’ll always keep you on your toes 

And always be next to you

That is something I call a cure

Or another dragon for us to slay.

In sickness and in health

In expression and in stealth

In happiness and in misery

In richness and in drudgery 

In jail and in the mansion 

In reconstruction and expansion 

In merger 

And demerger 

In-sale and in purchase

In import and export;

With this, I’d rest my case 

As god the witness 

For the world to see,

And you, me...

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