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Shreya Tiwari

Drama Tragedy Children


Shreya Tiwari

Drama Tragedy Children

Child of the Orphanage

Child of the Orphanage

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I don't know what my fault is?

But I was thrown in the dustbin near my orphanage,

Now, this is the place,

I call it my home.

Ever since I opened my eyes,

I never knew what a mother is?

Or simply who parents are?

The question for me was quite absurd.

But later it took me years to understand,

I was a child,

A child of the orphanage!

Who were my parents?

Why did they not accept me?

This was the question that haunted me all the time.

My friends said, we are unwanted,

born out of misfortune.

The moment I realized,I cried very hard.

Every Sundays, we were dressed so well,

so that those childless parents could take us along with them.

My friends, many of them got selected,

but here once again I got rejected.

Why am I here?

I too want to have the love of a mother

and the care of a father.

I too want a house, not so big,

where my parents could see me when I am sick.

I too want to have clothes,

The clothes that are not so torned,

and the books of my choice,

and the sweets I liked.

I too want to live,

A life with my parents.

I too want a surname,

a surname of my parents.

Because I know,

 I am born to them.

Why did they throw me out?

Was I so ugly?

If they had a reason to throw me out,

then they shouldn't have ever brought me to life.

This is painful,

I wish they could understand

that I was a child who longed for love,

And not for the orphanage,

they gifted me as my fate.

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