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Challenge - Challenge

Challenge - Challenge

2 mins 6.6K 2 mins 6.6K

O what a life, what a growth

Every second is a life challenge

How I live, the God only tell

Awesome life and fantastic life

Something special, I want to do

I can’t grow, without a risk

No matter I die, I want success

I like to think, I like to act

I want to be special in this world

I will look the fields of risk

I will try and implement my plans

Recognition I need, the world will give

I will study, the basics of ethics

I should know, the basics of knowledge

I will work, the basics of project

I can’t sleep, without a success

Life is life, I can’t self explain

Life is with unknown challenge

Life is lazy when the mind is idle

Life is sharp when you’re sharp

Dangers are seen in the challenging life

Troubles are seen in the routine life

Hurdles are seen in the professional life

Risks are seen in the risky profession

Life is not the money and enjoyment

Life is not the family and children

Life is not the ethics and business

Life is the service to the mankind and the society

I challenge, you challenge

Live and life for a challenging life

Risk the life for cause of a country

Work for a cause, live for a country

Life is a life, on a cyclic basis

Work for others for a cause of life

Show the game for a life show game

Work and work for everybody’s sake

Span of life is limited in life

Shoulder the burden in the span of life

Remove the worries for the cause of family

Will become great when you achieve success

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