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Lokanath Rath

Abstract Action Classics


Lokanath Rath

Abstract Action Classics

Can We Meet Again..???

Can We Meet Again..???

2 mins 233 2 mins 233

Oh!why I feeling something missing,

I have to get ready, now it's morning,

Get myself prepared for the meeting,

It's an important project, I am handling,

Never had ever such feeling,

Is it that night want to say something?

Or just again and again reminding!!!

Oh! Please tell me something,

That night when I was traveling,

Busy with my phone, laptop &checking,

Just my usual routine work I was doing,

Don't know someone else was there in front of me sitting,

Maybe she was looking at me or staring,

And suddenly heard someone was saying something,

Looked up to know what's happening?

Saw a beautiful lady sitting in front was smiling,

She was saying it's late, now finish up your eating,

Your dinner since long was here waiting,

Sorry I shouldn't say this, but can't control my feeling,

Don't ever keep your hunger and food in waiting,

Both like each other and have unseen bonding,

It will be an injustice for them for your act of delaying,

You will not feel good for neglecting,

The hunger will die and the food will be a waste sleeping in the dustbin,

Then there will be no use for your hard-working,

I was keeping mum and just listening,

Still, the smile on her face was shining,

Then could feel in my stomach hunger was kicking,

After thanking her, I started eating,

Was feeling food was cold, and it was tasteless feeding,

While eating for a while was thinking,

What's the use of my hard work &earning?

If I keep on my food and hunger neglecting!

All in-universe are working for their living,

For the living, you need food & keep your hunger-satisfying,

For this, I too am traveling and working,

Then how could I be so careless for the cause of my living?

By that time finished my dinner and saw she was sleeping,

Looked at her for a while and kept thinking,

How strange being a stranger she was so caring?

Maybe she was serious about food and style of living!

Till this moment I was neglecting and wasting,

Didn't have time to know why am I earning?

Time, money, food, hunger, nobody like to be in waiting,

This has taken so many years for me & for her a simple thing,

I was a bit scared and tired gone for sleeping.

When my station came, I looked for her to give thanks for her teaching,

She was not there and my eyes were searching,

I reached home and had a nap till it was morning,

Still, my mind was in search of her searching,

Feeling miserable as something is missing,

As if it's roaming in my thought and asking,

When CAN WE MEET AGAIN for a thanksgiving?

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