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Mohana Mahesh

Tragedy Others


Mohana Mahesh

Tragedy Others

Caged Bird: Not for Sale

Caged Bird: Not for Sale

2 mins 240 2 mins 240

I ran far far away from the place that I called home.                    

To go in search of a safe haven, and a person to cherish and hold.         

It’s been a decade since I’ve been caged in these dark rooms,                       

with no to little love to spare and no one to call me their own.                        

All my dreams have been shattered and my freedom has been captured

When I met someone who I thought was the one for me,

But all I ever was, just a game to him,

A game which lured me in,

Into the world of desire and disgust.

It pained me and filled me with immense shame to live a life where humanity was at stake.

After all there was no escape.

Every day it was a different face and a different touch which made me flinch.

They violated me, touched me in places I didn’t want to be touched.

Hit me and forced me to do things I didn’t want to do.

After all I was just a living object with a labelled price whose feelings never mattered.

My innocence now gone and my world broken, anytime now my pride will be lowered down.

I was never the one to believe in monsters until they proved me wrong by stomping on my heart which now lost its spark.

So many laws and so many rights, and I wonder why I’m unable to fly high.

Slavery was a part of the past, but no one realized that we let the concept of modern slavery a part.

we all are the purest form of creation, Children of the universe and it is our right to put up a fight against these low lives.

My voice isn’t heard and the fight I put up died along with me and it's now almost a whisper.

I wish this ends here and the future which awaits us all is crystal clear.

With the battle scars we will raise one day in spite of the ache like a high wave.

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