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Midnight Mystry

Abstract Others


Midnight Mystry

Abstract Others



1 min 195 1 min 195

A butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and there is a hurricane in Texas

As the dominos tumble, coincidence is seen in nexus

The world for caterpillar ends and the change spreads its wings

As the era of metamorphosis arrives, each season becomes eternal spring

Happiness flutters from flower to flower

Time is measured in moments, not in months or hours

Together these alluring creatures fly, painting the surroundings in their own colors

Collecting from each blossom a miniscule part of its dolor

 The aroma of chance they carry along in their mirth

Making a better place of this earth

However breaking of the cocoon is not always easy

Everything can fall apart if the weather is a bit breezy

Yet on the slightest possibility of hope, in despair it will cling

Even a butterfly born with a broken wing… 

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