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Siju Mathew



Siju Mathew


Bury It Like The Others

Bury It Like The Others

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Really I don’t know

What else should I do?

If I change, they will not be able fend themselves.

If I don’t they will change my name and fame.

What should I do? Are aggressive now.

If only they could shift their aggressiveness,

Realize which is more important…

Why God, they do not realize?

They don’t change or understand…

Youth? Fresh blood…? What have they given?

Selfishness, Paris universities, cry for the lost culture…?

Generation irresponsible for their own offsprings…

Liberty, lack of equality if they give the care they received to the next.

Scorn at them…

I feel at loss, a failure.

I might need to change

If only I could sing as thee, O Milton

Compose my thoughts like Beethoven’s symphony

I don’t want them to regret but…

What I intend, good changes to bad.

I try to change the whole but I have changed.

The passion lost; don’t Feel them as my own.

They like those who flatter but leave them …

I decide,

Leave them aside, make them do…

Let them do, what I will gain?

I need to be safe…

Move away, they will realize one day.

The scourging heat and words of defame.

The homage for a guru.

Gone are the days I dreamed of your success.

Those Eden garden, paradise,

Which will be yours one day.

Saw Joan of Arc smiling from the burning stake

I need it now, the paradise, sacrificing you and your future.

Because you are not mine, never were or will be…

But my conscience…

_*Hmmm.. Bury it like the others_* .

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