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Drama Romance



Drama Romance

Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

2 mins

So close he was to me

He told me all his secrets and was so carefree

For the first time I had seen such a gentlemen kind,

Everyone knows how hard it is to find.

I tried to tie a band on this hand,

Not a brother, not a friend

A crush is a word I dare to use.

The string I attached was I guess pretty loose

The other day he calls up, tells me

"I think you are right",

*Goosebumps * * light heart fright*

and then...

" I have feelings for your best friend

and she's the one I wanna be with

I hope ur fine and would wanna

help me deal with it."

I lost words I would wanna say and

yes alright was all could say.

Never had I ever felt jealousy from

a best friend,

and this time too it was the flow

with which I went.

Waiting and waiting the day finally came.

They looked at each other in silence, smiling.

A few days wasn't it?

He took to notice that

In the cave of love in which he stood

Outside was a friend who he truly loved.

It was too late by then,

They broke up and such an uncanny situation it was.

We two friends had to let him go,

and niether was the mine nor my friends.

These many years later now,

when take myself there.

I just wish that everything was perfect.

and it's alright that he loved my best friend at first.

Just that he shouldn't have left her then so that 

I could remember him as he was

the guy I liked...  a gentleman

with pure true love.

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