Aastha Chawla

Abstract Fantasy Horror


Aastha Chawla

Abstract Fantasy Horror

Breaking The Curse

Breaking The Curse

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From a space high above

It dawned upon her.

Like a prancing predator's prey

She didn't know what took her

She was down

Its teeth pierced her neck

And claws deep in her heart.

Don't move, my child

Die a silent death.

But it let her live

Eyes wide open, in a trance

Fly. But the heart is heavy

So she left it behind

And far she flew.

Saw deserts of salt

And oceans with turtles

But what moved her most

Was the road to nowhere.

Deeper and deeper she nudged

Lighter and lighter she felt

Heavier and heavier she felt

Soul lighter. Heart heavier.

But who allowed your heart here?

It belongs to your predator now.

Go back aye?

There's no going back

You will be a faithless now.

It was the breeze

That had slyly preyed on her

Fed on her

Flown her ground away.

Now the rain falls straight

The masts are down

The paddy is tangled

A curse without faith

A curse self made

A dream of breaking the curse,

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