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Evidence Mugos

Drama Romance


Evidence Mugos

Drama Romance

Bitter Sweet Day

Bitter Sweet Day

2 mins 229 2 mins 229

He woke up everyday and knew his worth. 

He was poor and had his van which he used to drive. 

All which matters to him was to take on each and every day. 

With integrity and the strength that he was born to love and share.

Dropping the fork mid take away. 

He was behind the clock's tickling sound. 

Suddenly he banged his black van door.

With a sun kissed face, he played his girlfriend's favourite song.

Unfortunately after a kilometre from his farm, the dust swarmed around his van. 

Skidding towards the side of the road. 

He had imagined for long and was almost out of lucky. 

The tire had blown and was flat.

Alone in the middle of the forest. 

He could not even see a sign of a human being or an animal. 

In his entire whole life he had never been late for an event or date. 

To himself, this turned as if it was a winter dream. 

He wanted to make it for his future girlfriend before midday. 

He thought to run until he made it. 

Sitting on the side of his car. 

He started laughing at how life and love has a code and treated him. 

Around 1400 hours, he thought to went to a nearby store which was nowhere to be found. Thirst and hunger was another core problem to him.

Suddenly he saw a lorry coming. 

He waved. 

'' Stop over here, over here please'', but the lorry passed him. 

How did this become his fate?. 

His day had started out fine but all went wrong for him.

He started walking around his van, talking to himself. 

"I promise to be there my darling" 

His girlfriend might had been made at him. 

He tried a call but there was no network. However his unexpressed emotions never died. His was expecting to make it. 

Negative emotions like loneliness, envy and guilty were going to play an important role later. 

He nodded his head, kicking the flat tyre with anger. 

The only thing he wanted, was not to be at the mercy of his emotions. 

But to use and enjoy them and dominate them. 

Around midnight, he finally saw some lights from the direction he was going. 

He got out of the van and waved again. 

The car stopped and a beautiful girl came out of the car. 

He could not see clearly because his eyes and the lights were glued together. 

Finally a voice called his name and he knew it was his girlfriend. 

They hugged each other with tears of joy in their eyes. 

At last he had made it. 

They both looked each other and swear not to live without each other.

Smiles on their faces sets everything straight for the new day. 

Their smiles had the same language. 

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