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Better I Breathe

Better I Breathe

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Sound insane I propose

Heart with hunts to misuse

Left for roar through the sky

An ocean to win before I die.

Swept all over those maidens

Long lines of thrones that sharpen,

Whole of thoughts inside a head

Black blue cyan Gray and red.

Ridden upon my juggling towers

Tombs what are made on powers,

I pledge all my dept for the one

Swarming through the soul beyond.

Loved hearts are those for the lamb

Know nothing but only the songs sung

Right or wrong that too sloppy

I am what I could be made such classy.

Sweating all over my bed in the dark

Though I preferred to rule in my bark,

Shaping sharp since I was born

Waiting win it and break his horn.

Rude if You could just give a triumph

Instead, I would have done the job in brief.

Last of my lesson so glittering

I wish for that turn to be smacking

A grand of me to beat my own self

Another sun would shine for help.

If I could then I sure would

Change the through yard for the childhood

My dreams for my parents' dream

Now I am breathing life as half me and half him.

I do know the bitter fact I had

Wish I can be who I want to be, as a lad.

So now a cause to better I breath,

May be in another life if I choose to get.

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