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Noor Tabassum

Inspirational Others


Noor Tabassum

Inspirational Others



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Born as a daughter in a respectable family,

I thanked God for making my life so easy,

I had the freedom to eat what I loved,

I had the freedom to wear what I adored,

But when I spoke, I was asked to remain silent,

As I was too young to speak among the elders.

Grew a bit big, I was the apple of the eye

Of my parents, brothers and they called me sweetie pie,

I was under the shelter of my brothers, safe.

They treated me like a princess and never allowed my feet to touch the ground,

But when I went to express the freedom I desired,

They asked me to remain quiet as it was against veneration.

The youth came without delay furtively to me,

Beauty in me had reached the zenith, and I bloomed like a flower,

Many outstanding proposals knocked on the door,

I was sent with a handsome prince, who loved me like crazy,

But when I tried to express my resentment towards something,

I was quietened, saying I had to cope with the new rules and laws.

The family grew slowly,

From a wife, I turned into a mother,

Responsibilities kept me bounded,

I never realized when time flew away from my hands,

Small, lovely kids who played in my arms were now reaching above my shoulders,

When I tried to quell them, they assuaged me, saying I was old-fashioned.

Now, my hairs have turned grey,

And limbs are worn out,

Many buried thoughts and wishes are oozing out to get expressed,

I brought them to my lips, but my voice is not supporting,

As it is seeing an uninvited guest standing at the doorstep,

Taking me with it forever shushing me permanently.


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