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Shukr Usgaonkar

Drama Others


Shukr Usgaonkar

Drama Others



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Nearly a year after the landmark judgment, Lord Ram pays a visit to his former kingdom. He is not too happy with what he sees.


One day Lord Ram decided to visit,

The land of which he was once a ruler.

From his heavenly abode he descended,

And mingled with the people as a commoner.


An unpleasant surprise was in store,

Communal tension in the air.

A decision awaited with bated breath,

Riots could break out everywhere.


A frenzied mob had destroyed a mosque,

Built atop his birthplace ostensibly.

The matter had now reached the Apex court,

Both parties unable to resolve it amicably.


But alas! Populism and demagoguery, 

Over facts and evidence unfortunately prevailed.

A landmark judgment, a historic verdict,

By lawyers and leaders, it was hailed.


But poverty and unemployment continue to exist,

Basic civic amenities are still lacking.

Sentiments seem to prevail over sense.

Over trivial issues, people are fighting.


Silently but slowly he retraces his footsteps,

Returning to his abode, disappointed and angry.

Coming to terms with the harsh reality,

That not even God can save this country.

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