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Mridusha Chaturvedi



Mridusha Chaturvedi


As A Human I Am Sorry...

As A Human I Am Sorry...

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Appalled to hear Kerala elephant tragedy

Oh, not a tragedy- Its Human’s insanity

Training women for self-defense

Look like train animals’ not to entrust men

Worshiping Gajanand- Lord Ganesh 

And offering explosive- stuffed pineapple to him left me in disgrace

Just 15 with the pure soul in the womb

May be her baby craved of sweet and she trusted you

Harrowing of hell even my hands are shivering

It exploded in its mouth.

She walked for days in pain

Went into the river, tried to rescue but all in vain

She suffered excruciating pain but remained calm 

She is the strongest mother precluding her baby from human harm 

Forcing animals to dance on stage and to run for life

Humanity vanished and humans no longer remained wise

On 27th May both of you reached the paradise 

Safe and sound as no humans are left there

We all salute your sacrifice

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