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Apocalypse: Inherent Or Coherent?

Apocalypse: Inherent Or Coherent?

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The world as we know has borne us out of nothingness.

Yet we intend to end it into nothingness.

When I was small, my mother used to tell me about the vastness of the planet.

"All curated out of Chaos."

And how travelling across the entire realm of this reality was a dream for all of humanity in one go.

However, humanity made the impossible "possible".

She used to tell me stories about how civilization came into existence out of scratch.

They transpired into townships, cities, empires and how eventually they collapsed , one leading to the other, all due to the sake of humanity.

And yet, humanity never learned from its mistakes.

We never felt guilty of our futile, murderous efforts and espionage, killing our own species in cold-blood in the name of religion, caste, creed and whatsoever.

Kristallnacht, Fat Man, Little Boy, you name it and in the name of every God and religion, we carry out these so called "historic" events of Satanism.

And we are true to the saying always:

"History repeats itself Always."

And yet, we think of moving ahead in future overlooking the very past that we are stagnating in, commiting the very atrocities that made us the monsters that we are and terming it as "Survival of the Fittest", standing ahead in every aspect, every shore, killing every other species in our way, endangering their lives and then taking measures to protect them, when they are dead already.

And finally, it hits us: 

"An apocalypse is upon us. "

Not knowing that we are the reason for our own doom,

Knowing ignorantly that we are the very impending virus that is killing from within and out.

And accepting the white lie that "There will be a better tomorrow, there will be a reckoning, there will be a new dawn" while inherently burdening ourselves with the truth that "Today moulds the tomorrow that is uncharted, the reckoning is already upon us, the dawn is extinct already."

As the chair that I sit on creaks in agreement, as the clock ticks keep on increasing its frequency till Judgement Day, as a new born baby born within the corrupt soil of this wasteland wails ignorantly for the first time,

I pray to God with the vile tongue that I curse people with, hurt their sentiments, wrong them of their rights and inserting woes into their hearts through my words.

I pray with the hands that is covered with the filth of all my wrong-doings, the blood of all the specimens that I killed and my own that I'm yet to kill.

"We are not capable enough to protect our own kith and kin."

"Relieve us of our pestilence for we will never learn from our mistakes."

"Help us. For this is not your sworn 'Creation'."


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