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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Samuel Dsouza

Drama Romance Action


Samuel Dsouza

Drama Romance Action

An Invite

An Invite

2 mins 213 2 mins 213

T'was the stormy rainy evening at bus stop

The scheduled was same and evening routine was lame

Though my route seems alone and walk

It was a friday evening, plan evening to the liquor shop

Because of pouring showers there was bus delay,

Charges of auto rickshaws was jumping high; powerplay

So I dared to stop a rick with puppy face

He quoted doubled the price, it okay 

Suddenly, I heard request to drop her close by

I told her my destination, she said it okay, we'll share this ride

She wore a salwar kameez without the dupatta,

Thanks to rain she was look sexy as every man dreamed,

Noticing what was going on I offered my jacket,

She thought it play said forget it 

With my eyes I explained her plight

She took quietly, darkness in her sigh

I stop the vehicle for a while, took my packag I'm a happy as child

As the destinations approached I was about to pay

She said we share the ride can split half ways

I realy admire her spirited kindness and I smiled,

She was about to hand me my jacket, it okay 

You can give tomorrow or meet me a little while today

Whiskey and Barcadi is on rocks, 

the chicken would from the block

I won't mind your company if that's okay

Harmless I seems there is no foreplay

She smiled and walk away wavying goodbyes

But she was at my apartment, just before I could squeez the lime.... 


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