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Vaibhavi Lakhani

Abstract Tragedy Fantasy


Vaibhavi Lakhani

Abstract Tragedy Fantasy

Afraid to Awake!

Afraid to Awake!

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All-day, around the clock, I stay horrified,

Always in search of a haven to hide,

From all those darknesses of the world,

When about those grievances, I had learned

In dreams, I shift to a better world,

Where all those green twigs are up curled,

The deep blue sky becomes my friend,

And that yellow fireball, with the sky, does blend.

A silent, broad river passing by,

Beside it, a green field of grasses lie,

Those blushing pink buds come to life,

And that merriment in me becomes alive.

This beautiful place seems to have a boundary though,

Beyond which almost everything is unknown,

I wake up to see a yard of prejudice there,

And all traps of biasness, was like the worst nightmare.

I saw houses burn from the fire of hate,

And people killing each other, as if it was their fate,

For they had changed the world completely 

And added unwanted elements in our society.

My dream seems to be a better place, to stay,

Instead of spending, in these threats, a day,

That's why I am 'Afraid to Awake' for,

Going back in darkness scares me more.


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