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Parinita Sareen

Abstract Fantasy


Parinita Sareen

Abstract Fantasy

A Wish

A Wish

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Under the sky full of stars, 

My own scars seem so trivial.

The beauty they personify is unparalleled, 

Unlike the standards, 

We, humans have set for something to be appreciated. 

The light from the past glares at me so bright, 

The happiness that I didn't know for the last 19 years of my life still exists... 

Not the one to give up on things, I did give up on a few... 

But today my intuition says, maybe try one more time, something may, in fact, be due. 

Keats was right when he said "A thing of beauty is a Joy Forever"

I now know what he was talking about... 

The daylight is soon breaking in, 

My stars would then disappear, 

But this time the impression they left on my heart won't... 

But maybe stars are nothing but our guardian angels, 

Maybe that's the light we see from the past, 

Maybe someday soon we'd be there too, shining this bright, 

Giving happiness, unknown, to people and never expecting anything in return. 

But for now, the day has marked its stark start

And for once I wish that the night was a little longer.

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