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Priyanka Prasad

Abstract Inspirational Others


Priyanka Prasad

Abstract Inspirational Others

A War of Words

A War of Words

3 mins

“Words are apparels to clone one’s thoughts and emotions!”


“A rejuvenating respite from the monotony of the so called…life,

 An island so-replete with the moss of warmth,

 That imparts the aura to scrutinize or scan hidden impulses

 And replicates one’s own unforeseen strife- the Isle of ‘WORDS’.

The words as gems embellished in the core of one’s might

Dipped and soaked by the waters of purgation

Replicating gestures with the use of profound ‘LETTERS’

The tale of alphabets reaches to its final completion!

The mighty thinker bestowed by the Almighty- ‘The Human Mind’

Wreathes the realm of one’s wit and prowess

Adjoining sentiments to the shore of exuberance

It grants the soul compassion, commitment and true happiness!

Man avails the freedom to soar and touch the zenith of thoughts

Prancing across all boundaries through the medium of phrases

Just like an exceptional rendezvous with self

Man experiences a gush of waves that truly tranquilizes! 

Words, idioms or phrases pertain the power to peep within

Melt the heart and qualify to attain victory on all,

Bridging the gap between two individuals, mere letters suffice

And prove to be efficient carriers interchanging one’s all!

Let words be the brightest jewels embedded in the crown

Adorning one’s mind, heart and intellect with pride;

May words act as a balm and retrieve humans from all their pains

Showering blessings unlike the pious rain drops falling at the edge!

Be liable for the syllables and sets of letters woven in one thread

Which may hurt a heart that would incessantly bleed;

Keep an eye on the words that may create an unrepairable void

Which would let one kneel down and would be prone to plead…!

May the family of letters not create boundaries of hatred

Where in the soul disintegrates and the worth somewhere gets lost

May the phrases that have soundly emitted by the vocal cord

Not rise to distortion and never let the gap to be filled…!

Let’s minister our thoughts and think before we leap

Providing for an aura of peace and contentment

Destroying all frontiers of caste, creed and nationality

Let’s cast a spell and attend to our sole obligations!

May words manifest the idea of magnanimity,

Building strong walls proclaiming the power hidden within

Let words pave the spotless tiles of the floor

Imparting the abstract values of love and humanity!

Words’ world is a blessed paradise on earth

Accessorizing every pixel with sense and devotion

It aims to enrich the gusty souls of humans

Adorning every vein with allegiance and steadfastness!

Let’s build a home away from our homes

Where would lie the prodigal pillows to rest our arms

The accord archways would touch the glory of harmony

And the butterflies would freely flutter radiating the farms with symphony! 

May the abode be blessed by the shade and shadow

Welcoming every trespasser with humility and grace,

May I fulfill my far-fetched much-awaited dream

And scale the heights of achievement conquering hearts with ease!

May my words continue to flow like a river

Encompassing every hurdle lying my way…

May I rise like a vibrant Sun

And perpetually shine on everyone making my day!”

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