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Shreya Aggarwal



Shreya Aggarwal


A Secret Message

A Secret Message

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                         …..for all 12thies

Here I am to express my gratitude,

But remember, never let yourself be controlled by your attitude.

Now we all are pass-outs,

And will experience our life related doubts.

Life further will be a game of ups and downs,

But make sure that your happiness counts.

Though the problems may be very complex,

Don’t worry they are going to melt just like wax.

Definitely we all will gather,

And enjoy our regular get-togethers.

We’ll have some pakoras with a ketchup,

And try to have our school life backed up.

School life is a box full of magic, 

And college life is going to be full of tactics.

We learned some magic,

We’ll plan some tactics, 

And reach our destiny, which is going to be fantastic.

But come back again,

And be in touch.

Reduce your pain,

And feel like that in a church.

To all my friends, you are my life,

Never forget me, else I’ll kill you with a knife.

I’ll stick to my words,

And you stick to yours,

We all will be together,

Just make that sure.

We’re and we’ll be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER,

This friendship is endless, may happen whatever.

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