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A Night Of Proposal

A Night Of Proposal

4 mins

Lost in the beautiful garden of mind,

Where her memories were bloomed in every direction.

The way she smiled,

Brightening up my world.

Her beautiful eyes encasing me in them.

To me she was most expensive gem.

A gorgeous soul with a strong heart,

In our whole life we had never lived apart.

We were connected by soul,

Around her I lost all sense of control.

She had been my love since day one,

In the darkness she was my sun.

She guide me through pain,

I vowed to protect her.

I was the one after all who loved her.

She was the reason I lived,

She was the only goodness in which I believed.

The soul of my body,

The beat of heart,

She was everything I ever asked.

My love for her never failed,

Even though the distance between us

The color of our love never paled.

I remember it like yesterday we did everything to gather,

May it be stargazing or a movie night in the weirdest of weather.

But like every other beautiful thing it had to come to an end,

A tear rolled down my eye as I recalled that day,

It was as though I was living it all again.

I was excited so very much,

It was 11th anniversary of our relationship ship,

I was 26 and successful. Ready to give her a life she deserved.

I held the ring in between my fingers as my body filled with excitement.

I saw her standing there and my smile brightened.

She was confused when I knelt after our usual banter,

But she was in tears as she saw the ring,

Pleasantly surprised that I was proposing.

She said yes to be my wife,

And it was like I had everything in my life.

I didn't need anything else,

She just jumped in joy and started twirling in the middle of the the dirt road,

It was a beautiful place where I met her first, who knew it will be there place where I'll see her for last.

With flowers on either side of us.

She twirled as I laughed and moved to my car,

To get my phone so I could capture this memory from afar,

I was returning but froze in place,

As in her excitement she didn't see the truck speeding her way,

I tried to run and shout " Anna move!"

But she froze in fear,

And I was too late.

She laid in her blood as my heart stopped beating,

As my sole reason to love was counting her last breath.

I pulled in my arms and called for ambulance,

She just looked in my eyes with total love and compassion,

She pulled me closer and whispered in my ear

"It was a beautiful night, I lo..loved your surprise.

I'm yours and forever will be, thou not physically but by our souls will always be one,

I love you and if you love me then believe me when I say nothing of this was your fault "

Her weak voice with so much love disappear in the night.

I tried to reassure her she will be fine,

She smiled and repeated I love you,

I said it back,

Crying my eyes out,

My soul and heart were in so much pain I couldn't even understand.

She was my soul,

My reason to live,

I died a hundred deaths when she stopped to breathe.

I screamed, cried, begging her to come alive.

She never did, I was a living dead without her,

No soul, no heart did I have,

I adored and love her beyond anything.

I remembered her last words everyday,

My angel didn't want me to hold the guilt,

She knew I loved I loved her more than anything,

I still do.

Now after 45 years I sat here alone,

Yet I'm never alone,

The memories of her, the proposal ring in a chain around my neck,

They told me to forget,

To move ahead,

To find someone better.

But what they don't understand that I was her's and she was mine,

She was the only one that mattered.

I know I'll live only once and I want to live for only that one.

Someday I know I'll meet her,

We'll reunite,

We'll be to gather,

She's my only love no one can replace her ever...

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