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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Isma Zafar



Isma Zafar


A Girl's Tale

A Girl's Tale

3 mins 150 3 mins 150

There was this one unfortunate day on the road

When I was confronted with those morons

'Hello Baby' they called

And pushed me so that I fall.

'How dare you try touch me?' I shout

'You are our's tonight' they laughed and made a pout

Lying down on the lonely road I decided to be brave

How I desperately wished to be at home, I thought and craved.

I threw some dust and ran

But alas! They caught me and took me in van

'Trying to be over smart'? They asked running my fingers on my garments

'Leave me please' I beg and lament

'Just one night darling' they looked at me with lustful eyes

I fought and fought until they tied me with tight knots.

An hour later they brought me down to a deserted land

With a satisfied smile, they threw me on the sand

'I'm going to have fun first' the men argued with each other

Taking advantage of the moment I took the van and drove as fast as I could ever.

The very thought of being raped haunted me day and night

I decided to do something that was right

'What are the places they touched you, madam?' asked the policeman

Hearing the question I shouted as loud as I can

'What kind of question is this?

I had been kidnapped and molested

And it's my vagina that you want to jot down on your list!

Half the girls stay quite because of people like you

Your mentality deserves people's shoes!

I stormed out of the police station

And decided to take the help of social media communication.

The news spread like fire

And women inspectors were hired

Ten days later the assholes were caught

Long lectures on respecting women they were taught!

'The girl gave us signs' they told

'Shut up you cowards' the inspectors shouted and scolds.

The court announced them years of jail

But is it how a girl's story sails?

Don't we have the right to feel safe

Without the fear of being raped?

Why is it always my short dress?

Why don't people's mentality take a rest?

Why is it always my fault?

I wonder if the crimes will ever take a halt!

Why can't I move freely in the dark 

Why is it that I have to face eyes that stare at me like a shark?

Why can't I live my life in my way?

Why is it that I have to hear statements like

'Hello baby, let's have some fun tonight! What say??

Why doesn't the society lets us breathe some fresh air?

Why is it always so unfair?

Why are sons blessings and daughters curse?

Why are they called macho and we the worse?

The answers to my questions are not that easy

Because we are in the midst of people known for hypocrisy!

It's time to end it all

And let the evil prevailing in our society stop and fall!

Stop the dirty thought of owning us 

Else we know to kill your hunger and lust,

Stop the misconception of treating us as weak

Clean your mentality that sounds so creepy!

We are what you can never be

Accept the fact else we'll make sure you see!!

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