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satyam sharma

Drama Tragedy


satyam sharma

Drama Tragedy

A Fat Boy's Tale

A Fat Boy's Tale

1 min 116 1 min 116

Yes, I'm fat, like a fluffy cat,

They call me obese, suggest me a million ways,

They ask me for how long, I've been living like a troll,

All I ever expected, I should be equally respected.


Yes, I'm fat, like a rolled Dunlop mat,

They tell me I've grown a pair, resembling a teenage blossom fair,

Faced millions of such incidents, shattering me, slurping my confidence

Ever since I'm longing, a decent sense of belonging


Yes, I'm fat, like a paunchy brat,

When I tell them I play sports too, they ask me "Oh! you really do"

They shame me with their naked eyes, playing with my fortitude like a rolling dice

I never sought an adjustment, all I wanted is acceptance


 Yes, I'm fat, No one's actually proud at,

We are struggling with these deformities, please help us with the insecurities

We are not abhorrent, please don't be ignorant

Treat us with humane, put an end to body shame


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