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Venkatesh R

Abstract Romance Inspirational


Venkatesh R

Abstract Romance Inspirational

A Bottle Of Red Wine

A Bottle Of Red Wine

2 mins 331 2 mins 331

Dumb glances, 

Discerned aversions.

Not an attitude, 

I possessed, till I confronted her.

It was the fresher's induction,

A space filled with creators.

The diverse culture filled the atmosphere, 

And love birds were flying 

Around the campus.

I encountered her, 

In the vast mist of crowds.

A girl with perfect attire,

So elegant with her language, 

But prefer to be calm with strangers.

Always, Always!

I prayed to God, not to confront her.


She was not the best of the magnificence.

But, she was a black magician, a 

Source of distraction 

Towards my goals 

Who pulled my soul.

As one can't win destiny, 

She was the girl next to me, 

The partner in crime, 

During the overwhelming 

Accelerated training. 

Time changed, 

We changed, 

The more I built the barrier, 

Her glances and innocents 

Just broke through 

Them without a chisel.

A day never passed by, without her presence.

As Einstein mentioned, we succeeded in our goals and accomplished the task in no time.

It was time, to say goodbye, 

But it was hard to say. 

Some love birds did separate with preference, but 

We were never in love, 

We were not a friend,

Neither a stranger.

Distance separated us, 

Technology united us.

What once seemed to be under my control, 

Did cross the periphery.

But, I did bury the feelings towards her.

Once, in a while, she does pings me and was in touch.

My love for her grew with time. Though there was no touch, no interaction, I acknowledged It was more than friendship. 

Decided to face the hurdles, as life is like traveling a bus no matter at what time it is, you will be loaded by responsibilities.

As I logged in, She was not in Orkut.

Finally, I got hold of her FB page.

As she was smiling in her, 

New attire still charming even more as before.

In her Wedding Attire.

People say, there are so many fishes.

Unfortunately, only a person in love knows souls are not about having a collection of aquariums, deep-diving, or fishing for entertainment or to impress the crowd and society.

First love, is always a special one. 

The memories and affection of her bought both good and bad characters in me, 

But not hatred towards the love for her.

The wine tastes, good with time. 

If the love ends in marriage do work to keep it intact by fastening it with 

Words of appreciation and fondness. Be it any gender remember the good times you spent together, during your hard term.

A bottle of wine, that doesn't get inundated becomes invaluable a memory, that no one can steal from us.

Red wine is an unavoidable addiction, which even scientists couldn't decrypt, why it cares for the heart!

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