Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

A Blooming Garden!

A Blooming Garden!

2 mins

As soon as I reached the garden gate,

A sight caught my attention!

It was something, I saw daily,

Yet, never really saw with my heart and soul!

The foggy winter morning,

The bone-chilling breeze hit me in the face!

When I walked on those cool grass blades,

Those frozen dew droplets sparkled like pearls!

The beauty of that garden rose,

Appealed to my naked eyes, like never before!

The fragrance, that faint one, coming from the lilies,

Filled my mind, with aroma, so refreshing and sweet!

As I walked ahead, came in view, the vines and creepers,

Climbing up the garden wall, high and above!

Claiming their own beauty spot, in my little paradise,

Intertwined, and yet far apart!

Far across, I spotted that old, rusty iron chair,

Tempting me to ponder upon, life and bliss!

Amidst the morning glory, and those pink daisies,

My throne, inviting me, to my own magical land!

Sitting there, once more I breathed in my surroundings,

Enthralled by, the colors of nature, scattered here and there!

Slowly & gradually, drifted my thoughts,

Towards the question, that was on my mind, for a while now!

Why, running after our material needs,

Do we forget to fathom, our inner peace?

What the soul is seeking,

Is near you, in your daily life!

Just open those eyes,

You have been closing for a while!

Soak in the beauty, around you and in you,

Before, you bury yourself, below the expectations & desires!

Find the garden of happiness,

That lives in your heart!

Waiting for your tender love and care,

To thrive and bloom!

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