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Vansh Mishra

Drama Abstract


Vansh Mishra

Drama Abstract

A Blind Man

A Blind Man

1 min 284 1 min 284

I am a blind Man with eyes,

Can see the wrong but remain shut,

Just like the horizon up there,

Can see it but never reach.

There are only two ways I'm defined,

'Hey, friend.' and 'Who are you?',

Former one, I'll spare,

If the latter, you'll die.

My consent is the highest,

My power, unfathomable,

My will is the order,

Betrayal? You shall not try.

The weakest give me strength,

I thrive on their coins,

I am the snake that they worship,

Yet I bite and suck their lives.

I am known everywhere

For my excellent bargaining tricks,

I bought Earth and never paid,

I used her and robbed all her assets,

Oh look, she is crying

But I don't fucking care.

I am the king, kingdom, and enemy,

I build boundaries to 

Separate my own self,

I hire my brothers to kill their siblings,

I pray on my kind, without fear.

I own a batch of toys called women,

Not a child, but I play with

Them as an adult,

Tied to my infinite fingers with strings,

They are puppets to my spirit,

They feed me with food and their soul,

They witness my evil side,

I dominate them as a monarch,

They do not question, they do not dare.

I am today's Man,

The most superior being,

I've conquered the whole world,

There's nothing standing beside me,

I rule this whole planet,

I force my will on weak,

I am a blind Man with eyes,

Sees nothing but only me.

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