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Rimpie Borthakur

I believe in a world beyond the possibilities!!

  Literary Colonel

A Shade Of Love

Drama Romance

We have so much of love to give We don't bother till we don't receive Waiting till the end of ...

1    219 4

The Fierce Rains


With the dismay of a thousand suns What was left was all of blue The singing joyous breeze v...

1    413 2

Today She Prayed A Little Long


A mother she was! A unite with God. A prayer. Where she put into her soul Today she prayed a ...

1    162 1

Mixed Shades


Old songs, reminders, promises... Melodies swing away to glory A battery recharged for the nig...

1    338 5

Like A Ginger


ow, to write a mimicry of life and death The profounding ego notified a note The senses which ...

1    232 1

Two Steps Behind


Destiny as I call it An empty casket of memories While two steps behind, I saw A job exclud...

1    190 1

This, I Left For You


give my faith and love Hoping that one day you will know That is not earthly but from above

1    194 2

The Singing Nightingale


Over the treetops high You make your abode so pretty And sing, as your song passes by The i...

2    45 1

The Mystic Man

Abstract Others

My man took me in his arms Took me into the blue He put his eyes into mine And said softly ...

1    46 1

The Forgery Of Time


Drunk like a salmon, the liquid of life Fortunately finished the glass of galore A time define...

1    200 3

The Ball Ballad


With love, with grace, with performance My spirit dances in its utmost flair And with the same...

1    314 2

If Not On Earth


'Time alters Man’, as I hear them say, Maybe true. But as I conquered the power of time

1    7.1K 6

She Died Like A Martyr’s Gun


an inspirational poetry about patriotism and courage

1    7.4K 7

Today She Prayed A Little Long


a poetry depicting pangs of hopes and prayers

1    7.2K 2