#StoryMirror College Writing Challenge Season 3


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Literature Premier League:

For the first time in the world, StoryMirror presents a unique “Literature Premier League” with total prizes worth INR 255,000 / USD 3,400 as under. This league gives an equal chance to all the participants to emerge as the winner. In addition, the top 3 in the points table get to win trophies

Rank Amount in INR Amount in USD
1 10,000 135
2 to 10 5,000 each 67
11 to 50 2,500 each 34
51 to 100 1,000 each 13
101 to 200 500 each 7
More than 200 Rs.100 voucher from StoryMirror NA for international students

The same will be given by way of bank transfer / Amazon vouchers / Wallet transfer.

How it Works:

We have defined points for each writing activity and also each reader’s activity on the content. The following table spells out the point structure:

Particulars Points
Each published Story 15
Each published Poem 6
Each published Quote 3
Each published Audio Story 20
Each published Audio Poem 15
Editor score on story, poem & audio 2 times the editor score. For example, if editor score is 5, you will get 10 points


No. of Likes on all contents published by a writer No. of total Likes Points per Like
Less than 251 1
251 to 500 1.5
More than 500 2


No. of comments on all contents published by a writer No. of total Comments Points per Comment
Less than 101 2
101 to 200 3
More than 200 4

No. of user ratings on all contents published by a writer No. of total User Ratings Points per User Ratings
Less than 51 2
51 to 100 3
More than 100 4


No. of votes collected by a writer No. of total Votes Points per Vote
Less than 201 1
201 to 500 2
More than 500 3


Note: In case the content is deleted before the results are declared, corresponding points will be removed from the point table. 

Click here to check your points, ranking and leaderboard.

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