Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

#Interactive Novel Writing Contest


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Winners of Prompt 7

Poonam Vaze scored a hat-trick, to use cricketing parlance. She is a winner in all three branches.

Branch 1

Trust, Obsession & An Unexpected Deal by Vikram Patwari


Histories Of Sheryl Varghese by Poonam Vaze


The Power Game....... by Lokanath Rath


Branch 2

Sheryl Mummified by Poonam Vaze


Yearnings Of Amber: 7 by Dr Sudarshan Upadhyay


Miss Universe by Naila Hina


Branch 3

Mermitans, Zygotes and Emotions by Poonam Vaze


A Zygotic Stunt by Vikram Patwari


Interactive Novel Writing Contest PROMPT 7

Branch 1 (Social mystery with romance)

The last man in the line is Ruth, the son of Martha, who tried to kidnap Charu on the orders of the mafia boss. 

Abhay accuses Yuvaan that he is responsible for Charu’s disappearance in the lake and he informed Ruth about their whereabouts. Ruth keeps looking at Yuvaan during the interrogation adding fuel to Abhay’s allegations.

Charu, however, refuses to believe that Yuvaan is involved in the conspiracy. But Abhay is hellbent on convincing her that Yuvaan has definitely a part to play in all events leading to the underworld mafia don in a strange way. So Yuvaan is arrested for further investigation. 

The cold rivalry between Yuvaan and Abhay now shapes into open war. Charu is isolated with his best friend arrested and is most vulnerable at this point. She feels like abandoning her quest and going back to New York. 

After he reaches home, Abhay removes the sword “Khopesh” from his vault and grins lopsidedly. 

[Note: Please read all previous branch 1 prompts to maintain continuity].


1.       What activity is happening in the submarine den under the lake?

2.       Why does the mafia boss want the sword? What is the connection of the sword to the underground operations in the den?

 Branch 2 (Science Fiction)

The wormhole is the means through which Egypt, Fort Kochi and various other realms in space and time are connected. Sheryl has travelled in time as Charu and come to the present time through the wormhole. Sheryl now has the identity of Charu, but Uncle Vincent controls Charu, due to which she has no past memory of herself as Sheryl. 

The reason for Sheryl’s time travel is to stop the virus apocalypse. The same ancient virus has been lying dormant for many years and is now activated by Uncle Vincent’s experiment. The virus can be contained only through the code that Charu has with her. And the sword engraved with the code is the key to contain the virus.Already the virus has spread to several countries and can soon lead to an apocalypse. 

Yuvaan is also one of the victims of the virus. Apparently, he was killed by gunshots on the very day Charu arrived in India, but he was also injected with the virus. The day Charu arrived in India, Uncle Vincent and his EVIL members were still in India. Yuvaan came to know about Vincent controlling Charu. Vincent told his EVIL members that he was controlling Charu because she was Sheryl, who has come to prevent the apocalypse. Vincent got Yuvaan killed as Yuvaan threatened that he would reveal everything to Charu. 

[Note: Please read all previous branch 2 prompts to maintain continuity].


1.       How will the sword help to contain the virus?

2.       What is the feud between Sheryl and Vincent? What is Sheryl’s motive to save the earth?

Branch 3 (Fantasy - Alternate World)

Base story: King Zygote & King Mermitan - Game On by Vikram Patwari 

King Mermitan shows Charu a lady and tells her mother looked like the lady. Then, he explains Charu’s past: Sheryl Verghese’s husband, Anthony Delsworth, had amassed wealth. Anthony’s brother killed Anthony and Sheryl, but in her dying moments, Sheryl had transferred Charu to the Oomens, who raised Charu as their own child.

King Mermitan discloses why the Zygotes did not communicate with Charu all these years. Sheryl had married and lost her powers when she was 25, so they waited until she was 25. They were the reason behind the voices she has been hearing.

He also says: ‘Not only the voices in your head. The bookstall, the book, the pic of the villa, the Museum, the book in the Museum, the half-finished idol, the papyrus; All these were clue points created by the Zygotes and us parallelly.’ In fact, the book that Charu had picked up at the book story was a Zygote.

The Zygotes would trace the missing sword: either a human or a Zygote has stolen it. Only one, either the Mermitans or the Zygotes, can go back to their world. King Mermitan is the only Mermitan who can survive on land and water.

King Mermitan gives Charu an illuminating object through which he will be communicating with her. Picking it up, she, Yuvaan and Abhay reach the surface of the lake.

Yuvaan took the motorboat’s control and rode towards the starting point. After reaching there, Yuvaan tells them he will return the boat and the equipment and asks Charu / Abhay to carry on.

One of the scuba suits that they wore transforms into a cloud out of which King Zygote appears. He and the trio visited the kingdom down the water, understood the situation and explains the same to fellow Zygotes.

It will be the mound that Charu in Sheryl’s form will plunge the sword into, which will decide which race will go back to their world.

A Zygote turns into a big glass cabin; Martha and Ruth are enclosed in it. Martha pleads for freedom when shouting that she has been serving Vincent, but why does King Zygote say she served himself? King Zygote replies Vincent died a long ago and was in Vincent’s form all this time.

Listening to this, Martha collapses and King Zygote orders other Zygotes to take the forms of Martha and Ruth, reach their home and wait for Charu. 

[Note: Please read all previous branch 3 prompts to maintain continuity].


1.       What if, overwhelmed by the discourse of reincarnation and the two races competing to return to their world, Charu decides to give up her quest and not get involved in the whole saga?

2.       What if the sword is stolen from the Zygotes?