#Interactive Novel Writing Contest


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Hyderabad Readers And Writers was set up by Mahboob Hussain(founder) in 2018. The inaugural session was conducted in September 2018.

The book is at the centre of our mission. Hyderabad has always had book clubs and writing groups, but we are unique in the sense that we are a platform for both readers and writers.

As a book lovers’ community, we at HydRAW observe that the writing talent in Hyderabad is outstanding and the readers are quire numerous and diverse. Unfortunately, our writers do not get the platform or traction that they truly deserve, as compared with writers from other places of India.

We strive to be the bridge connecting readers and writers. We are a mutually supportive group where in we help each other with knowledge sharing, practical tips, and constructive feedback. Our long-term objective is to groom and nurture our readers into subject matter experts/motivational speakers/life coaches and the writers into national best-selling authors.