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Travel the path from illness to wellness with Awareness Journey. Grab your copy now!

#Interactive Novel Writing Contest


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Winners of Prompt 4

  1. Vanished Into Thin Air... Or Water! by Vikram Patwari
  2. Vincent and EVIL by Revathi Bhasker
  3. The Gateway by kartik m
  4. The Mystery of Hotel Mount Verghese- Part 3 by Ketaki Bakshi
  5. Pyramids To Heavens! by Naila Hina

 Interactive Novel Writing Contest PROMPT 4

First Branch

Base story: The Mystery of Hotel Mount Verghese- Part 2 by Ketaki Bakshi



Base Story Summary & Prompt


Charu reads about a robbery of a sword which once belonged to Verghese. Inspector Abhay was investigating the case and he happened to be her good friend during her law practice, before her departure to New York.Charu meets Abhay and they lay out all the details in front of them.


The sword was of Egyptian origin; precisely it was called ‘Khopesh’. It was in use till the 3rd millennium BC. It had a very peculiar shape; curved outside, it looked like a question mark. It was adorned with a very distinctive symbol on the handle; a hooded cobra, with 8 beautiful jewels encircling it.


They both study the map of Fort Kochi- it had a huge labyrinth on one side and the other side had a huge lake with its placid blue water. Rumors had it that one lady was murdered and it was her soul that kept the area haunted. A sudden chill rose through Charu’s spine. These details were fed to her by Uncle Vincent….!!!!


When the plumber is called by Ruth to unclog their washroom, Ruth's mother Martha says strange words:

‘Lake… brought in…the tomb…with serpent’

‘They don’t know…water has memory…Mother Nature won’t forgive…’

‘…you all will pay…! Sword vanished…did it not?’


They decide to visit the museum again.


The curator had shown them the case which was locked with the sword. The case too had the symbol of a hooded cobra and was extremely beautiful. Inside was a small pyramid, shining bright with breathtaking aesthetics.


Keeping it in the pocket, Charu and Abhay left to find the city mall and reached UG4, which led them to a dark hidden corridor with a secret kitchen.


In the kitchen, behind one of the unassuming racks, they discover a hidden dark corridor, at the end stood a very peculiar door, which had a hooded cobra engraved over it and the place above its hood was vacant. She took the small ivory-made pyramid from him and pressed it in the groove. The door opened with a loud Crack…!


Suddenly Charu’s gaze fell over a half-finished idol of a lady. It looked vaguely familiar. It seemed exactly similar to the cover page of the book she had read. An idol of a lady without eyes.


Behind the idol, was a partially visible safe, which had the same marking of a hooded cobra on it. It was a neatly rolled Papyrus. It read…


‘Listen to what Mother Nature says…Water always makes ways...follow the opposite of right and the sun God makes the hidden world shine bright…!’



1.      What does the clue mean?

2.     What all are there in the lake?



Second Branch

Base story: Charu and Plethora of Uncertainties by Siva Aravindan



Base Story Summary & Prompt


Before: At Kochi..

After having looked out at the blueprints she got from Yuvaan, the blueprints gave her a clue about an entrance that was near the city mall. She knew a plumber friend of her father who once said on his visit to their house that he had taken up the plumbing contract for the city mall and had dropped out due to uncertain circumstances. She made out a plan to have a chat with him.

She got to know that the place she was searching on the map was more like a tunnel that was barricaded on the other end. She tried to reach out to Yuvaan to have him briefed about the recent updates but he didn’t pick the call. Yuvaan grew up as an orphan and was two years elder to her and stayed all alone by himself in his uncle’s house who has settled abroad.


Before: At Egypt:

Vincent sir… the voice came from the adjacent lab. “We have successfully split the atoms and generated the signature radiations. Waiting for your authentication sir”, his assistant called out. Slowly he moved from his place to the secure chamber where he had Anthony’s sword. He inserted the sword into the activation chamber and waited. Nothing happened… He tried once again nothing… He observed the sword with his powerful microscope and to his astonishment it was a replica. The sapphire blue gloss was not visible rather it had a bronze shade on closer observation…….


Next day…

Three buildings adjacent to her house was Yuvaan’s house. Charu couldn’t understand what was happening. Police vehicle was stationed outside and the place was crowded with people from the neighbourhood. Few reporters were busy taking snaps and doing a video coverage of the surrounding. She tried to move past the crowd to have a look at what was happening. The hall was well lit but had red stains of blood all over the floor and at a distance she saw Yuvaan’s body lying on the floor. She stood there motionless with overwhelming grief and shock. She tried to move past to have one last look but the police blocked her way. Soon Charu’s father came and held her back from going inside, consoling her. She let out silent whimpers in pain and grief. Soon the paramedics carried his body for autopsy.



Before dying, Yuvaan couriers Charu a few papers and a key with the details on how to reach a place where he had kept a box. Further, he had instructed them to use the key to open it and cautioned her to be on the alert as any time EVIL will approach her. She went again the text on the letter and she wondered what it really meant.

The man who preferred to be called EVIL was busy watching her from the opposite balcony of the mansion. He smiled to himself and he went inside to have a look at the sword in hand. “You are really beautiful”, he exclaimed and kissed the sword gently.

Through the thicket of trees, she trampled through a dusty web of twisted and gnarled branches to reach a clearing in the middle. There it lay on the ground, the mysterious box. She took out the blood-stained key…She inserted the key and rotated it clockwise. Clank.Clank... It was about to open as she saw the shadows from behind. She turned back cautiously…



1.      Who are the attackers?

2.     Why is Uncle Vincent trying to split the atoms to generate radiation?