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Naila Hina

Drama Romance Fantasy


Naila Hina

Drama Romance Fantasy

Pyramids To Heavens!

Pyramids To Heavens!

6 mins

The music was enchanting, modern- jazzy but with sweet tinge of classic Egyptian prehistoric touch and they were dancing like there was no tomorrow! Dustin's arm around her thin waist while he caught her in the air and gently placed closer to him and kept dancing moves around. Multicolored disco ball and lazor lights created a monstrous flow of colours and gleaming ocean view in the room filled with joy and happiness.

The vacuum in the space was thoroughly filled with a constant suply of oxygen levels throughout the vessel.

The spaceship was spacious as forever and the atmosphere high tech but cordial around it. They have come to the space station from the Pyramids To Heavens by a super rocket alongside the league of legendary Egyptian and Greek warriors and astronauts. Now their spaceship was swiftly traveling to the destination: Mars..the home!

This is the time for celebration and felicitations after all. And home is where the heart is! Charu's mind was wondering in the deep blue-green magical hues of Dustin's eyes. Dustin wasn't his actual name although, just the email ID. It was Vincent!! Charu walked out laughingly through the crowd to the rounded counter all along the walls of the Hall and Vincent followed her like an obedient servant. They clicked the metallic vases and drank the contents of it, surely the every punch feels like lasting forever.

She was so much in love with this guy, so truly and his fingers touched her ear lobe, on which there was golden earnings shaped like doves, a gift from Vincent as a token of love. She was in a beautiful dancing gown, low necked, pale green like a valley with orange autumn leaves at tops and curves. Her natural pink lips were nude. Enflamed by the drink and thirsty for his to touch them. Cheeks burning with desire. He was wearing shiny tights in deep blues of indigos. Ever charming and handsome and every girl in the hall was looking at him longingly and lovingly.

He took her by hand and she followed him in the long round corridor and passage filled with red illumination, reflecting the fire in her own body and soul. Taking her closer to him and the wall he declared his love by sharing the secret project he was so excited to tell her. He had finally ruptured and broken out the atomic formula for the powerfull radio action that could lead to ultimate power over all nation's and natural processes. It's the great secret of eternal youth , the radio active waves of mass- energy intercourse that encodes time traveling and could even defeat Death!! He was the Alchemist! 

And she was happy for him. She knew he was a winner, a best strategist and player in politics as well as in education and knowledge. A great scientist and ambitious for knowledge and power. She was hungry with desire for him. She could follow him to the end of existence and if needed even after it and beyond death. It was as if they own the world and everything is in their control and reach. After all he was Anubis, the deity of death, why was he so desperately searching for eternal life himself? That was something incomprehensible for Sheryl!

They entered the huge laboratory on board of the spaceship, where technicians were on their assumed positions. Different chemical reactions taking place at multiple work stations. Breaking of atoms is no child's play. The atomic power is no easy to handle. The vessels were strong enough to counter the experimental Level samples and supplements. Magic was involved no doubt, as an ancient Egyptian by herself she knew it like the back of her palm.

And she was also well aware that Ramesis knew for certain that stones can't talk without magic. How much powerful man was! That knowledge was one reason for his unending pride that had lead to his whole sultanate and kingdoms drowning in the depths of Nile!! Real power is based on knowledge!

But the sun God took the opposite of the right path! He forgot that water has memory! Mother nature has a way of getting things right and the universe believes in balance! He denied nature's call hence drowned himself along with his soldiers and chariots and kingdom! 

Sheryl tried to remind Vincent all this. He got furious instead! 

Sheryl kept arguing with him:

" See for yourself, while our pyramids are a symbol of our great scientific success and discoveries, our other symbols and heiroglyphs show the power of nature. Snakes and dogs, trees and birds, they all make the monarch of mother nature systematic and scientific, an evidence of balance of power in echo system of the universe!"

" Power corrupts and ultimate power kills!!" John F. Kennedy.

All the warnings of Sheryl went invane upon his hunger for power in that decisive moment! 

She ran towards the blue hued Sword with the symbol of pyramid, schemed with 9 jewels around it, which was the lead to the nuclear reactor and needed to be unplugged to stop the reactor.

" Stop it Charu, it's dangerous!" Shouted Vincent behind her and tried to catch her hand, she ran faster than him. The moment she thrusted herself on the sword to stop it, the tube of the reactor bursted with a flash and a bomb like intensity leaving charu blinded by it! She shrieked in a lethal pain and got snatched in the arms of Vincent who took her out of the burning laboratory. There was chaos all around the space ship, every one tried to get a shuttle and remove themselves from the ship as soon as possible! Charu was crying helplessly as the pain increased and so was Vincent! 

"I wish you didn't take the risk of your life darling please hold on to dear life.". Vincent pleaded and with a painful smile Sheryl cried out her last words: "I wish you could love me more than life too !!"

With this she passed away, still in her lover's arms!

" I will take you back from death valley my love, I know the formula for eternal life, don't worry. I will right the wrong." 

He pushed open the heavy metallic door by turning anticlockwise the round handle wheel. And dumbed charu on the pessenger seat while positioned himself on the pilot seat and ordered the spaceship for his ride out. The shuttle flew swiftly in the tunnel leading to exit to the spaceship, which was now opened as per his orders. 

As the crow shaped beautiful black shuttle flew out of the safe distance from the ship, the spaceship burned in pieces and shreds without any sound in the vacuum and became a part of millions of billions of stars and stones in the vast universe..

The mountains and lakes around the world present beautiful scenery when looked on from the far distance from the space around the globe. It's prettier and more eye catching than the moon which is just a blunt, plain piece of rock! 

The shuttle dropped in the Indian ocean and Vincent pulled up himself along with his beloved dead and blind wife Sheryl !

The next journey will need a lot of courage and determination alongside the great knowledge he had. But his tired but bright face showed that determination. It was a face that could work out any solutions to get his wife back from the hands of the Death! He would leave no stones unturned, no one and nothing could stop him from getting his mission impossible completed!! No matter what or how long it will take. He would time travel in past to change the history of the world and to change the future and present as well! He would go to that extra mile needed to cross every barrier and oceans and mountains and white deserts and black rivers! He would build mountains and hotels on her name and somehow show the ultimate power of man through knowledge!

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