The Unanswered !

The Unanswered !

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"Good morning love what would I do without you !" said the chirpy Raj after planting a peck on her cheek . Chaitali winced at these words as last night's abuses were still ringing in her ears . While Raj enjoyed his morning cup of coffee engrossed in his mobile , Chaitali dumbstruck stared at him trying to analyse if this was the same man who literally pushed her out last night asking her to Get Lost from his life.

Chaitali smirked and turned away finally accepting that she had been an ostrich all through her married life - living a life of make belief.

Wasn't this how her days turned out every day for the last 5 years? He walked in the wee hours of the night sloshed and ready to curse and abuse her, making her the cause of all his problems and coaxing her to leave him forever. But every morning he woke up as a perfect husband!

Everyone had now given up trying to explain Chaitali why she should leave Raj immediately. But her love for him was platonic, how could she forget all those years together ?

She agreed that Raj was a chronic alcoholic but was that good enough a reason to leave him? Wasn't Alcoholism a disease? What if Raj had some other disease? Would she still give up and leave him?

She knew there was no one she could ask these questions to, no one who would answer !

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