Small Things Matter

Small Things Matter

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The green trees growing at either side of the road hugged each other at a height to form a tunnel. The union was better visible at the rear view mirror of my bike. The pleasant breeze and a light drizzle made the ride even more adventurous. Nearby, a good friend in another bike zoomed forward waving his hand. I was having the time of my life - it was no less than meditation to a monk. The darkness built by the cloudy sky was telling a different story, but it was around three in the afternoon. The road was clean and inviting.

At that moment, a beautiful bridge interrupted the endless road. We slowed the bike and cruised through the length. The breeze sprinkled extra moisture from the river and the clouds giving way to sun's rays far in the distance. At the end was a beautiful hut serving steaming hot tea, we stopped. The feeling of holding a hot cup of tea and enjoying the view was heavenly. Water has a powerful effect on the human mind - it calms down instantly. "Small things can have such a huge impact", I had thought. After considerable reflection and fun at the river bank, we headed forward.

The clouds had cleared just enough for the setting sun to be visible at a distance. We were about a hundred kilometers from our destination, and the rains had stopped. After an hour ride, the road went rough; we rode much slower. We had dinner at a dhaba. The paratha and lassi were mouthwatering. Onward our journey, I heard some grumbling sound below the bike seat. I halted a number of times and checked, but everything looked perfect. We were covering distance pretty slow. Vedant had to wait for me frequently now. The rain had started again, and there were no mechanic shops nearby.

At a point, we were just seven kilometers away from the hotel we had booked. Suddenly, the bike broke down. It was dark, late and cold; we were exhausted. I dragged the bike under a massive tree. We discussed our next move; meanwhile, rain poured heavier. I glanced at the watch, and it was pushing close to midnight. I told my friend to take both of our bags and head for the hotel.

Close to midnight, I was dragging a bike along the well-lit street. I was about four kilometers behind, and I heard a vehicle pull beside me. Lost in my endeavor, I continued to move forward. "Hey, you! Where are you going?" said a deep voice. The voice belonged to one of the policemen in the vehicle. Just take a moment to think of my situation - a man drenched in a hooded jacket and jeans pulling a motorbike around midnight. On the contrary, they were sympathetic; they understood my situation and drove their way.

It was way past midnight, and a man approached me on his bike. The man inquired, "Do you need fuel?" I replied, "No, thank you! I have the fuel, but there is some problem with the bike." "Okay!" he said and rode away. I shrugged my shoulder and continued my effort. A bike zoomed towards me; it was the same man. "There is a repair shop about a hundred meters away." I thanked him; he smiled back and vanished into the road ahead. After a few meters, there was a repair shop. By then my friend came. The mechanic inspected the bike and said, "The chain is missing." The struggle was turning into comedy in a fair deal of time. I looked at Vedant, he looked back, and we burst into laughter. A tiny link in a chain had snapped which let loose the chain. That small link had rendered the bike useless.

The man repaired the bike, and we rode to the hotel. That night I slept like a pig.

The next morning I stepped out, with a cup of tea, in the balcony. The sky was cloudy, and a gust of wind ruffled my hair. I thought about yesterday's event; many times it is strange how small things can have a huge impact. Be it relationships or be it tasks, be it incidents or be it journeys, a tiny thing can alter their entire course. I remembered how my mother stressed on these things and how I often neglected. I realized how right she had been the all-time; I smiled and entered the room for the remaining piece of adventure.

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