A Toast To Cups

A Toast To Cups

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On a rainy day, I was sitting in my balcony reading Twinkle Khanna's 'Pajamas are Forgiving.' Suddenly my sister came with two small cylindrical creatures full of black coffee in them.  As soon as I took a sip, I was lost in a completely different world. After 10 seconds, I opened my eyes and looked at that small thing in my hand. For me, it was like a magic potion in that container. curiously, I asked my sister, 'So, what is this thing called?' With bright shiny eyes, she said ' It's called a Cup.'

Amazed I asked her, 'A cup, what's a cup'? Very excitedly, she got up. She took the cup filled with hot coffee in her hand and began to tell me about this beautifully designed small thing. She said, from time immemorial, a cup has been a significant part of the dining. You will find cups in every household, every office, every restaurant and in every corner of the world. It comes in various shapes and sizes. You can also use it to hit somebody on their heads.

Whether we are sad, happy, exhausted or even sick, once filled up with our drinks, they can turn

life into an easy road. With our coffee finished, our cups became as empty as that well with no water in it.  My sister poured more coffee and said, let's celebrate the existence of these cups. At that moment, we raised a toast, 'To Cups.'

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