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As a middle schooler, I was always surrounded by dreams of aspiring super heroes just like in the movies we see on the TV, wanting to save the planet by defeating villains boasting about their non existent supernatural powers. Hmph! Stupid wanna-bes who always made fun of me whenever I begged to differ saying I am already a hero; after all I was born with powers. I had the supernatural ability to see the colourful auras of people.

Mostly people around my age had bright green auras whereas middle-aged folks had a warm yellow aura while the aged rundowns wore a burning red aura. Rarely did I see a few youngsters with red covering them. I knew it the colour of their auras indicated their life span; a green around people who had a long life to live, yellow for those who will meet their end in quite some time and a red for people whose dusk has had long been surpassed as they awaited their cold nights.

However they always caught my eye, those mysterious figures on the TV with the darkest auras; my fellow superheroes.

Despite all that one thing which I found difficult to process was why each I peered into the mirror my aura was neither of these colours but was rather a pale Grey shade. Oh?! It's because I'm different, I am a super hero it's rather understandable as to why I have a unfamiliar aura.

But what was I supposed to do with each passing day my curiosity turned into an irresistible urge an unquenchable thirst to prove myself I was a just a few shades away from being just like my superhero friends who for some reason were called "criminals" in the news when all of a sudden it hit me the "best plan" I can hardly hide my grin as I am walking towards my class a gun in my hand checking my reflection on the glass door for the final time; my previously dull Grey aura was now a majestically vandalising black which outshines the poor red auras of all my petrified pitiful peers as I aim my gun towards them whispering the words "Finally, I can be on TV too"

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