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Quintessential Love!
Quintessential Love!

© Ravinder Kaur


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Catherine was walking in hurry across the Blue Bay lane. It was the first time she was here. She hardly visits any place. No business called her on this side of the town. Unknown to place and people, she kept stumbling and calling name of her dear Pomo to find him, on which occassion she was out here. Calling out "Pomo! Where are you? Pomo?" at the top of her voice, she still could see him nowhere. All through the noon, she was at one place or the other looking for him. Pomo was a darling to her. "My dear boy", she used to call him. More care than what a friend could bestow; more than what a lover's love could be; more than what a parental affection could be; it was above all. The purest of love which even Adam and Eve could not behold before their fall in the province of Heaven. Pomo was Catherine's lifeline! After her futile attempts, which for her were a step more and more closer to get hold of her dear, she entertained a thought of going back to home in a full hope of finding Pomo there. She thought may be he'd have returned from his early wanderings. With a jovialness, she goes back the way which she treaded few minutes ago. On the way back home, she saw a food store and decided to take something for his dear buddy. She had but a little money for herself but what could've meant more to her than buying something for her love. She went down the store and came with a big pack of biscuits for him which he loved. And started walking on to her locality. She was in such a fouse that she didn't even care about her dress being blemished by wet dirty roads. No time she had for anything. Any other care she does not seem to have other than getting to see Pomo near her. Catherine had no family and no friend in her life. She just had Pomo, on which she bestows all her affection and care; and seek every happiness of this world from him. As soon as she reached her street, she went down to the gate of her house in hurry, opened the gate and left it ajar. In such a haste manner, she went inside to see if Pomo's there or not. Saw every part of her house but couldn't find him. Looking at every place and not finding him gave her an unpleasant feeling. She, at once, started feeling insecure. All bad things came to her mind regarding Pomo. But no! She avoided all of it at best. But her spirits failed her. And she felt a bitter pinch of worrisomeness. Despite hard resistance to unnatural thoughts, she found herself averted from positivity. Something was dawning on her. She thought, "Why am I so uncomfortable? Pomo usually wanders till late and gets back home! But what is it disturbing me and the tranquility of my mind?" She further thought, "Why am I being so over-tensed? There is nothing wrong. Then why, I am worried? No! No! It's just the train of my thoughts running on a wrong track." With these words, she thwarted every such terrible thought and tried to maintain a positive eye. At that very moment, it came into her mind that Pomo might be at his favourite place, the backyard garden. She ran towards the back of the house and passing down the conservatory to the garden at back, anticipating her dear one to be there. The minute she stepped into garden, the food packet which was a delight to Pomo's taste-buds, and the one which she specially brought for him, fell from her hands. And next, she gave a frightened, shrill cry and was in tears. Again, she shrieked and started crying more bitterly. Catherine, with such ocean of love for her "dear boy" who was looking for him, found him lying dead. It was a grave shock for her that it seemed as if she was in a palsy. She went to the spot where Pomo was, all covered in sanguine tincture. It was like as if somebody has poured all the blood on him. His body was lifeless, with no sign of life. Sitting beside that body, her eyes were fixed on it and asking him to wake up. Growling like a werewolf on the full moon night, it seemed her cries could have called the Heavens down on earth. She touched his blooded body and shook it with all force. "Pomo, I am back! Why are you in such a condition? Get up dear. See, I'm back" - all this while, she was moving the body. She was for a moment, out of words and expression, when no movement was seen other than her shaking of the lifeless form. Again she started - "Pomo, you can't die! If you ever wanted to die, then why did you became so dear to me so as to leave me alone someday on this desolate place where I have none other than you. Pomo, please get up! Please wake-up! You know I love you so much. Please come back to me." And this sight could have moved anyone with a stone heart as it had such promising love. This bond between Catherine and Pomo surpassed all possible love exchanges between humans. It was a relation which even crossed species liability. It was a love knot between the pure hearts and souls. The relation between different species as this, does not need a language because it was the language of love which formed this ligature. One, a human being and the other, an animal - this bond broke all limits. And Catherine was full of heavy tears, that she could not hold herself in this dire time. But suddenly, she felt something rubbed against her face. It felt as if some sticky material was cosing her. She abruptly stood alarmed and found that she was on her bed and her dear Pomo was tickling his tongue over her face as he always use to, so to give her a morning retreat. She shook herself as if she couldn't believe what ever was there in front of her. Realizing that whatever she saw regarding Pomo being dead was nothing but a horrible dream; then heaved a sigh of relief. How comfortable and happy she was to have him near to herself. She kissed and hugged him so tightly as she'd have never done it. She thanked God. And still with her "dear boy" on her, holded him quite well so to never let him go anywhere. But tears found a way too out of her eyes, accompanying a beautiful smile and glow on her face. This travel between dream and reality caused her a great sorrow but landing on the latter, was evidential for her high spirits again. And finally she and Pomo with that feeling of quintessential love binding no proviso glittered their life and the world around.

#Two lovers #Unconditional love #Beyond the world #Inter-species bond #Unravelling confusion #Moment of relief towards the end.

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